What is BLockChain?

It is a technological layer / protocol, which allows any application to be distributed in a chain of blocks (nodes), offering a level of incorruptibility, certification and decentralisation never seen.

According to Samir Goel and other digital gurus this technology could be as relevant as the industrial revolution, ending the intermediation models in any sector and opening the door of the web 4.0.


The process to Innovation


Centralised Network

All nodes except one are peripherals and can only communicate through the central node. The fall of the central node deprives all other nodes of the flow.


Decentralised Network

There is no single central node but a collective hub of connectors. The fall of one of the centralising nodes entails the disconnection of one or more nodes from the whole of the network while the fall of the centralising cluster would necessarily produce the rupture and practical disappearance of the network.


Distributed Network (BLOCKCHAIN)

The extraction of any of the nodes would not disconnect any other from the network. All the nodes are connected to each other without necessarily having to pass through one or several local centres. In this type of networks the centre periphery division disappears and therefore the filter power over the information that flows through it

Applications of Blockchain Technology


From the birth of new currencies such as Bitcoins or Eters to the revolution in content retribution (mining).


Permanent registration and access to property rights in real time: Transactions, risk analysis, etc.


Self-execution contracts based on predefined conditions can revolutionize sectors such as insurance and commerce.


Eliminate invasive identity practices through digital identities. It can revolutionise the world of access to events or the travel sector.

What do we do?

We are a group of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the digital sector. We have lived the evolution and the changes of the sector, from the beginnings when the hardware was expensive and resided in the own company until the present time where it is practically shared and everything is stored in the cloud.

The irruption of the Blockchain represents a new revolution within our sector as it completely changes the way of storing information and the roles of the different players in a secure environment thanks to the intrinsic characteristics of this new block technology.

For a correct digital transformation, it is as important to know the new technologies that support it as the original ones on which our clients work.

That is why Vertical Projects Blockchain was born, the first strategy consultancy for Blockchain in Europe.

How do we do it?

Verticalblockchain has different business models:

Specific consulting

Projects encompassed within the process of digitalisation of a company that consist of the conceptualisation, design and execution of projects based on Blockchain technology (decentralisation, incorruptibility and certification).

Strategic alliances

These are projects focused on the transformation of a sector or activity rather than a specific client. From Vertical Blockchain projects we have opted for two start, one focused on the sale of tickets to events (sports, concerts, etc.) and another to the mining of cryptos in models of Long tale.

The Team

  • Bachelor of Business Administration from the UAB
  • Master in Purchasing Management by Cef
  • 18 years of experience in the digital sector -> group intercom -> smart focus -> t2o media -> beleader
  • Professor in digital marketing strategies -> the valley, tonkikom
  • Advisor or investor -> emagister
  • Digital specialties -> strategy, sales, acquisition, email, mobile, big data, rtb, block chain.
  • MBA by the institute of stock market teachings
  • 15 years of digital experience -> Telefónica
  • Founder -> abser technologies -> beleader
  • Extensive experience in project development and management of multidisciplinary teams.
  • Advisor or investor -> traducthek, mobincube
  • Digital specialties -> strategy, operations, acquisition, email, mobile, big data, rtb, block chain.
  • Senior computer engineer
  • 15 years of digital experience -> hostalia
  • Founder -> abser technologies -> beleader
  • Environments -> linux, unix, minix, mac os, bad, windows, iOS, android, blockchain, was, jelastic
  • Database -> oracle, mysql, mariadb, sql server
  • Languages -> java, c, c ++, c #, objective c, swift, html, php, javascript, tsp, asp, smarts, python, ajax, xml, son, javascript and perl / cgi
  • Systems administrator
  • 15 years of digital experience
  • Founder -> abser technologies -> beleader
  • Environments -> linux, unix, minix, mac os, bad, windows, iOS, android, blockchain, was, elastic
  • Database -> oracle, mysql, mariadb, sql server
  • Languages -> html, php, css, javascript, tsp, asp, smarts, python, ajax, xml, son, perl / cgi, bash scripting